don't get killed by ai

Workshop by Circuit Circus (DK)

Are you ready for the post-singularity world controlled by robots? The singularity - the point in time when Artificial Intelligence will reach the capability of human intelligence and then swiftly surpass it - is coming.

How will you navigate this new dawn of existence? Do you have the tools and skills to survive in the scenario where our new robot overlords wish to make humanity extinct?

At this workshop you will learn how certain aspects of the AI thinks and operates. We will empower you to rebel against the machines that are already now acting on our world and to prepare for a future of omnipresent sentient automatons.
Learn how to remain undetected by facial detection algorithms. Understand the moral compass encoded in the robot. And fight fire with fire by training your own AI in the desperate hope that it might be able to combat the superintelligence
controlling the world.

The workshop has limited access.

The workshop is managed by Circuit Circus (@circuitcircus), a Copenhagen-based art and design studio that focuses on creating novel and curious encounters with technology.