no tale no head

Artist: MANA:GROUP (DK) & Joel Illerhag (SE)

In this durational performance-concert the sounds from »The Swedish HarpBass«, are merging with the body and the voices of the performers, the echo of the room and the loop of the earth.

The performers inhabit the installation throughout the day, leaving traces behind. A foul thought of decay are pulling The Body into exhaustion through strings that tie the room together but divides, occupy and sustain hierarchies.

What is this death that is not dead?

NOTE: This piece is a work-in-progress - only 2/3rds or less are shown at Click Festival ‘19

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MANA:GROUP was selected in an open call by HAUT:eksil, CATCH & CLICK FESTIVAL, to collaborate with musician & developer Joel Illerhag. The GROUP and Joel first met in January 2019 to start the process for the work-in-progress showing at Click Festival ‘19.

MANA:GROUP was founded in 2017, and is an artistic and academic collective based in Copenhagen and consist of various artists within the music, performance, new circus, light-designing and architecture. Alongside they work with a theoretical panel and they strive to embody theory and pass it on through immersive performance-installations in collaborations, posing/asking questions of the self and the system of the self. They want to interact with audience and demand attention for the here and now . They believe in the ritual of coming together.

Joel Illerhag resides in Helsingør and is a musician and student at Copenhagens Conservatorie for Music and also a developer at CATCH. He has left the jazz-scene for a bit to experiment with other ways of expressing himself with and through music. Maybe it is on that note that he has invented »The Swedish HarpBass« which will be the core of the performance-concert at CLICK Festival.

The work is created in collaboration with HAUT, Catch and CLICK Festival and is part of Haut’s Exile format “Staging the Future of Technologies”, which is based on the meeting between a technological practice and an artistic practice. “Staging the Future of Technologies” is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.
HAUT is a stage, workshop and producer for new generations of performing artists.

Catch is exploring and developing new ideas at the intersection of art, technology, and design – and is an ongoing collaborator to CLICK Festival.