Artist: Julie Østengaard & Christoffer Vincent Thon (DK)

Interfacingthoughts examines the relationship between people when technology becomes an intermediary for our communication. In a performative installation work brain activity is translated into interactive sound and cymatics. A performers state of mind and thinking portrays itself in a space that evolves by its own thinking every second.

With technology we can dissolve the limitations of our own sensory apparatus, we can sense something we otherwise could not by using technology to mediate.

Interfacingthoughts provides with the technology access to a world that is otherwise hidden, revealing a person's mysterious inner state of mind in a sensuous and expressive experience. With the body's suggestive actions as a guide the audience and performer will experience their own attempt to decode meaning from the room's surroundings.

Interfacingthoughts is created by sound artist Julie Lunding Østengaard and installation artist Christoffer Vincent Thon. Christoffer Vincent Thon works with interdisciplinary projects merging art, science and technology. His creations are aimed at pushing the boundaries of what is artificially and technologically possible and through this Christoffer to expand the general understanding of what it means to work with technology and to challenge how contemporary art is viewed. Julie Lunding Østengaard finds a special value in a symbiotic relationship between live concert and sound installation, where the concert’s ability to capture the audience and the performer’s presence is combined with the visual aesthetics and physicality of installation works. Her curiousness to find new ways of interacting with and creating sound is what shapes her interdisciplinary and experimental sound-based works.

Interfacingthoughts will be performed by performance artist Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen. The work is created in collaboration with HAUT, Catch and CLICK Festival and is part of Haut’s Exile format “Staging the Future of Technologies”, which is based on the meeting between a technological practice and an artistic practice. “Staging the Future of Technologies” is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.


HAUT is a stage, workshop and producer for new generations of performing artists.


Catch is exploring and developing new ideas at the intersection of art, technology, and design – and is an ongoing collaborator to CLICK Festival.