extended falls to humanity

Artist: Recoil Performance Group (DK)

Extended Falls to Humanity is a choreographed installation that engages the citizens and takes place at several of the country’s local town halls. The performance deals with the things, we dream about and fear for the future.

Recoil Performance Group will, in advance of the performance, visit the town hall and the citizens of the town. Based on the citizen’s own stories and speculations about the future, recoil will create a choreographic visual and musical experiences of the individuals and the collectives presence in the political space.

We’ll open the installation every 30 minutes, and will let 15 people in at the time from 12.00-14.30. You can stay in the installation, as long as you like.

We’ll end the piece with a Silent Disco from 15.00

Extended Falls to Humanity is about people – and about being human in the community where the performance takes place. Four performers will, and collaboration with 3D sounds and scenography, give you a new experience of the local community and the local town hall. A performance, where the citizens are not merely spectators, but also contributors to it.

Extended Falls to Humanity is the third and final part of The Membrane Project

Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard
Collaborative artists: Emilie Gregersen, Marlene Bonnesen, Hilde I Sandvold, Karin Bergman
Light designer: Andreas Buhl
Installation design: Andreas Buhl and Tina Tarpgaard
Composition and sound design: Lars Greve og Mads Forsby
Sound technician: Mikkel Larsen
Producer: Carlos Calvo
Production Manager: Dorte Wium
Communication and PR: Ida Fredericia
Co-writer: Ida Marie Heide
Graphics, film, photos: Søren Meisner
Statistics: Janne Tarpgaard