chronicle of lightyear

Co-Production: Very Theatre (TW) | The Culture Yard (DK)

Taiwan’s award-winning new media artist, Chou Tung-Yen, harness the amazing 4D Box Hologram to create a majestic and immersive scenography for the peripatetic story of two time travelers and their intimate memories light years away. Both protagonists linger in each other’s dreams, trying to hold on to those moments from the past. These are moments they do not wish to let go, yet are dissolving into the deep sea of oblivion.

Chronicle Of Light Year was developed through out a 2-years collaboration which 4 work in progress were presented in Taiwan and Denmark. In 2018, after its world premiere in Taipei, the production subsequently toured to Ars Electronica Festival in Linz.

Kasper Daugaard Poulsen (actor)
WEI Chun-Chan (actor)

The 4D Box – A Holographic Live Stage
The 4D Box is a multimedia digital live stage developed and curated by The Culture Yard. It includes hologram technology, advanced sound and live performance in a single expression. In this interdisciplinary black box, The Culture Yard has created an entirely new artistic media platform that breaks the boundaries between physical performance and 3-D generated universes.

Supported by
Danish Arts Council
CLICK Festival
The Culture Yard
Very Theatre
Ministry Of Culture Taiwan
National Culture & Arts Foundation
Nordic Culture Fund
Dansk Komponist Forening
Helsingør Kommune