a longing for skin

Artist: Naja Lee Jensen (DK)

The skin is the border between our body and the world. It is the surface that meets us when we look at ourselves in the mirror. It is the surface that meets other people when they look at us. It is the I we know. Without the skin we would not be able to recognize ourselves. Without our skin we could be anybody.

A longing for skin is a performance that explores the experience of having a skin. It is an existential work centered around identity politics and death. The piece was initially show at Dansehallerne with a transgendered body on stage. This time the performance focus on the asian body and the transnational adopted.

In the Tibetan Buddhistic reincarnation the phase of death called Bardo is a search for a new skin. In the Western societies the skin is manipulated into new shapes by the ideals of beauty. And all of us desire the company of another human body. To long for skin is a state of mind that exceeds country borders, natural borders and death. To long for skin is a fundamental part of being human.

Naja Lee Jensen is an cross-disciplinary artist whos’ works exist in the space between fine- and stage art. Through the use of aesthetics experiments she challenges our understanding of the world around us. In the center of her work is the question whether it is possible to rethink our perception of reality through tactile disorientation. Her formal education is a BA in Acting from the Norwegian Theatre Academy and a MA in Fine Arts from the Art Academy in Oslo.

Performer: Linh Le
Lyddesign: Kristian Hverring
Lysdesign: Tobias Leira
Scenograf: Ida Grimsgaard