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4D Artbox - a cross-aesthetic super stage

The 4D Artbox is a cross-media digital live stage, which makes use of 2D and 3D media and Eyeliner technology and advanced sound and live performance in a single expression. Based on the latest technologies in the field of projection, sound and media design artists are able to design a digital black box, which consists of several layers of projections in the air, on the floor and on the background. With this black box and a special software which 3LD (NY) and the Culture Yard (DK) is developing , we will create an entirely new artistic medium.

The goal of is to set up a live scene for interdisciplinary performance and cross media and a place that breaks boundaries of art classic division . It is all produced with a 3D visuality. The 4D Artbox can be made in any size and shape, but is thought of as the standard to be 3x4x4 meters. The 4D Artbox’ pictorial universe consists of video projections created by a video designer or live digital of the artist's movements or sounds on the 4D Artbox’ scene.

The work presented and stored on background, middle ground or foreground, in order to make room for the next image layers. By a move the artist is able to take the entire artistic journey back through the work's many layers or modify the design of picture and sound. For examples of technology used, see for example the following links:

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

The 4D Box - Building bridge virtuality and reality

/ Carl Emil Carlsen + Bjørn Svin
& The Culture Yard

Exploring theatre, 3D art, and artificial intelligence in “HC2”

/ The Culture Yard (DK)

Chronicle of Light Year
/ Very Theatre & The Culture Yard

Chronicle of Light Year
/ Very Theatre & The Culture Yard

Chronicle of Light Year
/ Very Theatre & The Culture Yard

Chronicle of Light Year
/ Very Theatre & The Culture Yard

Chronicle of Light Year
/ Very Theatre & The Culture Yard

Chronicle of Light Year
/ Very Theatre & The Culture Yard

Noora Hannula vs. Soma The Augmented-Reality Girl – THE ULTIMATE BATTLE
Noora Hannula & The Nordic Beast (DK/FI), BoraBora (DK) & The Culture Yard (DK)

Seasonal Skin 
/ Carl Emil Carlsen
& The Culture Yard

The Maze of Hamlet
Produced by The Culture Yard & HamletScenen

Idea and manuscript: Lars Romann Engel, CEO and Artistic Director at Shakespeare at Hamlet's Castle and Cultural director and CEO Mikael Fock at The culture Yard
Director: Katrine Karlsen
Set designer: Nicolaj Spangaa
Programming: Carl Emil Carlsen, Actor: Piet Gitz Johansen
Costume: Line Frank, Music: Jens Hørsving

Classic theatre meets 3D projections and installation in The Maze of Hamlet in this new interpretation of the Shakespeare’s classic story of Hamlet.

Together with the young Hamlet we experience an encounter with the extrasensory. A meeting that expands Hamlet’s gaze on himself and his reality.

Using the 4D Artbox as a digital story platform the gap between illusion and reality is reinforced, when the actor’s present and dreamtime merge together in a highly visual, digital universe.


Developed by Ole Kristensen (Software Artist), Deborah Vlaeymans (Performer, Composer) and Johan Bichel Lindegaard (Software Artist) at the Culture Yard in Elsinore (DK)

Come behind the scenes of a scenographic experiment called Træ.

Træ is an audio-visual experiment with generative stereographic projections in a stage sized Pepper's Ghost illusion.

In this setup the performer and the projected 3D graphics seem to share the same space.

This project is a first step into an exploration of these possibilities and limitations in performance and concert situations.

See more at the project website:
or at Ole Kristensen:


With: Johan Bichel Lindegaard, Maria Paula Saba, Bernado Schorr, Tina Tarpgaard, Siri Wolthoorn, The Culture Yard.
For: Recoil Performance Group & The Culture Yard

Experiments with 3D Projections and Dance: In 2013-2015 Recoil Performance Group explored the scenographic potentials of stereographic projections.

With access to spectral comb filters and glasses it was possible to develop the existing minimalist scenery of dynamic trompe l'oeil projections with live manipulations of the perceived distance and scale of the stage space.

The initial research took place in Culture Yard Elsinore at the CLICK Festival 2013 where the first tests with spectral comb filters was made.

In January 2014 the project was developed further during a residency at 3LD Art and Technology Center in NYC. We were happy to enjoy the local participation of ITP and Parsons students Maria Paula Saba, Bernado Schorr.

Again in 2014 the CLICK Festival hosted recoil performance group to create an installation based on the STEREO concept.



Why digital performance art? Just another lamp? Or a whole new room for possibilities for the staging arts? Which opportunities do tracking, mapping, 3D and stereographic video projections give the performance art scene today? During CLICK Festival 2016 we discused theese subjects with some of the people who have their daily work around the digital art scene.

Introducing CLICK Festival 2019 (DK)

Interview - Mikael Fock
CEO, Kulturværftet & director, CLICK Festival

Interview - Tina Tarpgaard
Choreographer, Recoil Performance Group

Interview - Bjørn Svin
Composer & Music Producer

Interview - Tung-Yen Chou
Direcetor & CEO, Very Mainstream Studio

Interview - Carl Emil Carlsen
Visual artist, Sixth Sensor