Artist: Circuit Circus (DK)

Semeion is an interactive ever-evolving light and sound installation exploring artificial intelligence from an aesthetic point of view. The AI in Semeion manifests itself in several large glowing structures. Each of them reacts individually and collectively to human movement and presence. They seek human attention and to learn from and with humans. As such, the expression continuously develops so that they over time develop their individual personalities.

When showcasing at CLICK Festival, the structures have already developed personalities through interaction with the crowds at SXSW. How will the CLICK crowd affect them?

Semeion is created by Circuit Circus (@circuitcircus), a Copenhagen-based art and design studio that focuses on creating novel and curious encounters with technology. It is commissioned by Catch and Roskilde Festival, and supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their joint effort “Danish Arts in USA”.

Circuit Circus

Jesper Hyldahl Fogh
Victor Bayer Permild
Nina Cecilie Højholdt
Christian Sivertsen