permutations II

Artist: House of Kenzo (US)

There is more than one way. Systems corrupted. How will we go back to the beginning? When the only laws are of nature. How humans can exist as naked as they were born into the world without society and police berating. Being as we were born and holding space for everyone without being limited to mature audiences.

Permutations II is the second part of an ongoing series of the same name exploring cycles. The series premiered on March 9 at the Lawndale Art Center in Houston, TX. The trio, Ledef (sound production), Brexxitt (choreography) and Grapefruit (concept design) will embody possibilities through choreography and projection mapping.


Established in 2015, the House of Kenzo is a multidisciplinary art collective with foundations in dance. The collective is dedicated to fearless expression in order to help realize awareness with movement. HOK supports the overall art scene by organizing dance classes, workshops, competitive vogue balls, lectures, conceptual performances and dance parties that sustain the ever growing creative community. The House of Kenzo is a family of excellence with stock in peace, love, unity, respect, presence, integrity and professionalism.

Grapefruit Gonzales

Grapefruit Gonzales is an experimental performance artist who has been designing immersive experiences since 2013 when she established the counterculture fashion brand, Rnbwstrchld. Originating from the fertile soils of San Antonio TEXAS, Grapefruit blends fabric art, digital media and theatre into comprehensive visual discourse.

She is the editor and chief of the non-profit bilingual legacy newspaper, La Prensa Texas and has placed storytelling at the forefront of her motivation, channeling that energy into scripts, treatments and chants that discuss local issues. Her musical influences range from black metal to avant garde jazz. She is currently working on an eco-vampire metal project and an Eco Gore film script based off true events. Grapefruit is committed to promoting permaculture into all aspects of life.

She is a founding member of the critically acclaimed performance art group, HoK, serving movement, fabrication, concept design and holding space as an MC since 2015.
The group was recently featured on a half hour documentary that aired on BBC1 WORLD Radio and has also achieved notable performances at the digital media festival Day For Night in Houston (2017), Unsound festival Presence with Rabit and Sam Rolfes in Krakow, Poland (2018) and Defcon in Las Vegas (2018).


A San Antonio native, at a young age, set goals for a prosperous future as a African-American female dancer in a uncalculated community. With the support of her mother, Brexxitt single handedly paved a way to make her dreams come true, she’s had the opportunity to perform at every Theater in San Antonio.

Her extensive community service in the arts and performance attributes, young Brexxitt acquired significant awards such as NAACP Act-so award, The President’s Volunteer Service Award and National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (NFAA) Young Arts Award. In her later years, Brexxitt continued her education and earned a BFA in dance studies from Columbia College Chicago. While prepping for her Bachelor’s Degree, Brexxitt dedicated time to perfecting her craft and trained with Deeply Rooted Dance Theater under the direction of Kevin Iega Jeff and Gary Abbott. Her time in Chicago was nothing short a dream when she was able to grace the Chicago Theater stage alongside Janet Jackson as a back-up dancer.

Currently Brexxitt has taken to her local community in San Antonio teaching texan dancers technique, musicality, and improvisation, challenging them to dance from a deeper level and uncover their unique style. Now, as founding member of the highly acclaimed House of Kenzo, she continues to thrive in the world of performance art, highlighting stages in Poland, Miami and soon Denmark. The possibilities are endless!


An interdisciplinary artist and founding member of the House of Kenzo, LEDEF has firmly planted their stilettos in a multitude of fields to garner the attentions of the underground club scene, avant-garde fashion explorers, festival circuits, fine art galleries and experimental theaters. Alongside key music production and designing & rendering both 2D & 3D audio-visual installations , LEDEF cuts an audacious figure in the venue alongside their fellow members of HoK, blending jaw-dropping dance moves drawing from such disciplines as voguing, krumping, & traditional African forms, chanting mantras at the audience, and inviting them to join into communal, often cathartic, dance battles. Collectively, HoK has heralded a transformation in the landscape of the DIY scene in Texas, opening portals for radical expression within the confines of the state. Musically, LEDEF’s productions & mixes veer from seemingly disparate influences such as metal to ballroom to hardcore, swelling with distortion and melding seamlessly into the experimental noise frontiers of their home label Halcyon Veil.