en el aire (in the air)

Artist: Teresa Margolles (MX)

Teresa Margolles (born 1963) is a Mexican conceptual artist, photographer, videographer and performance artist. As an artist she researches the social causes and consequences of death.

Margolles communicates observations from her own morgue in Mexico City and other morgues located in Latin America, as well as the extended emotional distress and social consequences that occur as product of death by murder.

While working around the topic of the body, her work extends to the families of the victims, the remaining living bodies that witness the death of a loved one. The main medium of her work comes from the morgues themselves, which she transforms into sensory experiences that provoke a feeling of memory to the audience.

Margolles finds particularly remarkable how the activity inside the morgues reflects the truth from the outside. In the case of Mexico City, she observes that the majority of victims belong to the lower classes. "Looking at the dead you see society".