we still don’t know what a body can do

Collective Art Talk: House of Kenzo (US) & Outside Collective (DK)

Ropes, vibrating bodies and a philosophical concept for the distribution and circulation of intensity: How Do You Make Yourself a Body without Organs?

House of Kenzo meets the philosophy network Outside Collective in this collective art talk that explores relation of matter and energy at the level of bodies.

The talk is curated by Sisse Hoffmann and Emil Bach Sørensen
Reading by Kasper Levin


Outside Collective is an independent network of researchers, critics, artists and curators. It’s a forum for readings, critical discussion and speculative bubbles. Outside Collective draws on the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.

Participants from Outside Collective 

Peter Borum, Niels Gommesen, Sisse Hoffmann, Kasper Levin, Cathrine Bjørnholt Michaelsen, Kristine Samson, Ulrik Schmidt, Birgitte Skands, Tomas Skovgaard, Emil Bach Sørensen, Kristine Annabell Torp, Peter Woodruf